Optometrists are independent, primary health care providers who examine, diagnose and treat disease and disorders of the eye and visual system. This includes:


  • measurement and prescription for glasses and contacts
  • diagnosis and treatment of eye coordination and focusing issues
  • treatment of eye diseases such as glaucoma
  • detection of systemic diseases such as diabetes and high blood pressure
  • non-invasive surgical procedures 
Areas of sub-specialty include low vision rehabilitation, pediatric eye care,  and geriatric eye care, vision therapy, sports vision, and ocular disease.


These courses are provided as GENERAL pre-requisites and may not represent a complete list of requirements.  It is the student's responsibility to check with each professional school in order to determine specific pre-requisites courses and equivalencies for each institution.


Recommended CSU Courses

General Biology, 2 semesters

LIFE 102 and LIFE 103

General Chemistry, 2 semesters

CHEM 111/112 and CHEM 113/114

Organic Chemistry, 2 semesters

CHEM 341 and CHEM 343/344

Biochemistry, 1 semester BC351

Human Anatomy, 1 semester w/ lab

BMS 301

Physiology, 1 semester w/ lab

BMS 300/302 or BMS 360/302

Microbiology, 1 semester w/ lab

 MIP 300/302

General Physics, 2 semesters w/ lab

PH 121 and PH 122 or PH 141 and PH 142

English/Writing, 2 semesters

CO 150, CO 300/301 or JTC 300/302

Calculus, 1 semester

MATH 155 or MATH 160

Psychology, 1 semester

PSY 100

Statistics, 1 semester

STAT201, 301, or 307

Optometry Centralized Application Service:  optomcas.org/

American Optometric Association:  www.aoa.org

Association of Schools and Colleges of Optometry:  www.opted.org/

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