Anesthesiologist Assistant

Anesthesiologist Assistants (AAs) are highly skilled health professionals who work under the direction of licensed anesthesiologists to implement anesthesia care plans. AAs work exclusively within the anesthesia care team environment as described by the American Society of Anesthesiologists (ASA). All AAs possess a premedical background, a baccalaureate degree, and also complete a comprehensive didactic and clinical program at the graduate school level. AAs are trained extensively in the delivery and maintenance of quality anesthesia care as well as advanced patient monitoring techniques. The goal of AA education is to guide the transformation of qualified student applicants into competent health care practitioners who aspire to practice in the anesthesia care team.

Anesthesiologist Assistants and certified registered nurse anesthetists are both defined as "non-physician anesthetists" within the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services section of the Code of Federal Regulations.  (Description from the American Academy of Anesthesiologist Assistants)


These courses are provided as GENERAL pre-requisites.  It is the student's responsibility to check with potential schools in order to determine specific pre-requisites courses and equivalencies for each institution.

Biology (2 semesters w/labs)

LIFE 102 & one other lab-based biology course

Chemistry (2 semesters w/labs)

CHEM111/112 & CHEM113/114

Organic Chemistry (2 semesters w/labs)

CHEM 341 and CHEM343/344

Biochemistry (1 semester)


Physics (2 semesters w/labs)

PH121 and 122 or PH141 and 142 (UC-Denver prefers calculus-based)

Calculus (1 semester)

MATH 155 or MATH 160

Statistics (1 semester)

STAT 201, 301 or 307

Human Anatomy (1 semester) - Required by UC-Denver


Human Physiology (1 semester) - Required by UC-Denver

BMS300 and BMS302

Preferred Courses:

Cellular and Molecular Biology

American Academy of Anesthesiology Assistants:

No centralized application - apply via individual programs

Some AA Programs require students take the MCAT; others allow the use of GRE or MCAT.