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Requirements for Application to a Health Professions Program Completing the appropriate pre-requisite coursework and submitting a successful application to your choice of professional schools is an involved process. To be a competitive applicant, it is not enough to have a strong GPA and to do extremely well on professional admission exams. Successful applicants must be… Read more »


MEDICINE Colleges of Osteopathic Medicine Medical Schools in the U.S. and Canada (Allopathic)  University of Colorado School of Medicine Rocky Vista University College of Osteopathic Medicine VETERINARY MEDICINE Associations of American Veterinary Medical Colleges (AAVMC) Colorado State University College of Veterinary Medicine PHYSICIAN ASSISTANT Accredited Physician Assistant Programs Physician Assistant Education Association (PAEP) University of… Read more »


Are there advisors available for students interested in health professions? Yes. If you are attending Colorado State and are interested in entering a health profession that requires professional school, you will need to meet academic and other requirements before you can attend professional school.  The Health Professions advisors are here to help you understand these… Read more »

Health Professions Advising at CSU

Your path to a career in a human or animal health profession can be complex. A health Professions Advisor can help you prepare for a professional program and set you in the right direction. Health professions students have two academic advisors available to assist them: CSU major advisor (Primary Advisor): Guides the student toward successful… Read more »

About Health Professions

EXPLORING – PREPARING – APPLYING ♦How do I know if a health profession is the right fit for me? ♦Which health profession should I pursue? ♦What major should I choose if I want to go into health professions? ♦What major looks best when I apply to professional school? ♦How can I prepare for a health… Read more »