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Deciding to pursue a career in the health professions is a big step for any student.  Typically, students who aspire to work in the health professions need to perform well in the sciences as well as have a strong desire to help others.  These two traits are common among most all health professions.  However, choosing… Read more »

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CSU Health Professions Clubs In CSU health professions clubs, you will connect with students who share your interests as well as professionals in the field, learn more about professional schools and the application process, and have the opportunity to engage in community service and shadowing experiences.  CSU has seven health professions clubs: Premedica, Pre-OT, Pre-PT,… Read more »

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EXPLORING – PREPARING – APPLYING ♦How do I know if a health profession is the right fit for me? ♦Which health profession should I pursue? ♦What major should I choose if I want to go into health professions? ♦What major looks best when I apply to professional school? ♦How can I prepare for a health… Read more »